Paper bag started as a humble carrier in the mid-eighteenth century, but with time it kept changing its look, feel and usability. Today it has become a stylish and trendy packing material for businesses as well as for personal use. Printed paper bags are good for branding and also for fashion. 

Business uses of customised carriers 

1# Improve brand acceptability 

Paper packing looks upmarket and classy as it is used by leading brands for their products. The eco-friendly packing makes a positive image before the consumers that are also worried about the increasing pollution level due to use of PET bags. Using these carriers automatically highlights brand and also improves its value in the consumer market. 

2# Introduce brands with style 

Paper carriers can be printed with any colour and produced in any size and pattern. There can be different carriers for different products. Or it will be better to say that bags can be customised to suit to the products to be packed. The design, colour, pattern and even size of carriers can be changed according to products. 

3# Adapt to changes 

It is only a paper sack that can be completely changed in a hassle-free manner. Businesses need bags for promotion in trade fairs, and also they need fancy sacks to increase sale during festive seasons. Such carrier designs are easy to change, and for this reason, these carriers suit to the needs of every business. 

Personal uses of customised Carriers 

1# Unique design 

Women are fond of handbags, and this is evident from the wide range of bags available in the market. But none of these accessories can match the luxury and affordability of a paper carry sacks. Paper handbags have more designs, colours, styles and sizes than their plastic counterparts. But the biggest advantage of a paper sack is that it can be personalized with name, picture and other things that make it look unique 

2# Multiple uses 

A paper bag can be used for shopping, fashion, packing and also for home decoration. With multiple uses, paper carriers become the first choice of homemakers, office executives, students and elders that need sacks for keeping their medicines and health accessories. 

3# Gift bags 

The paper bags wholesale (with handles) are used for gift packing as these carriers can easily be customised with colours and decorative material. Whether you need sacks for packing wedding gifts to guests or birthday gift to your friend, you will find a paper bag just perfect for your needs.

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