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Gift bags are usually given out at kids’ birthday events. These small gift bags wholesale are full of small prizes and treats to thank the children for being the part of these memorable moments.

Along with it, Gift bags for adults are also gaining popularity. These are usually modeled as per the tradition of giving away guest party bags at the events like movie premiers and award shows. These Gift bags shouldn’t be stuffed with lavish items to be loved. You may create wholesale gift bags UK that will be loved by your guests by filling them with appealing items.

Gift Cards

It is the best choice to be included in any gift bag. Visit your nearest coffee shop and buy a few gift coupons and cards to be involved in Gift bags. Some of the cool gift card ideas are gift cards for craft stores, restaurants and garden centers. These cards can be tailored to match the event.


If your guests are above 21, you may add a cocktail in your bags. Simply add a single-serving mini bottle of your desired cocktail to the bag, along with a shot glass or fun plastic glass.

Sweet Delights

Put some mints or a luxury chocolate candy or bar in your bags. You may also include a beautiful tin of mints, a peppermint stick, a bag of hard candies, or gourmet chocolates in gold foil. 

Pen and Notebook

Almost every guest loves a nice set of pen and notebook. Simply give a blank diary bound in a small leather or cloth in their bag with a nice pen to each guest.

Gifts for Women

If you are throwing a themed party like for Grammys or Oscars, you may want to gift some items filled in Gift bags.

Potpourri or Candles

Women will love getting some pretty incense items in their Gift bags. You may place a bag of potpourri, votive candles, or incense in their Gift bags. You may also place small, wallet-sized lotion tubes or bath salts.


Beauty products

Beauty items and cosmetics are also added in Gift bags. You may add a face mask to suit their skin. Pop in a lipstick that you may order from eBay or other markets. Some lip balm or colorful nail polish can also be included.


Cell Phone Lanyard

You may want to add a beautiful cell phone lanyard which can match the cell phones of your guests or any color they love.

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