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First use of packing paper is packing items that could be gifts or exclusive products that need packing in paper. But a colored wrapping paper can have other uses as well. Interior decoration is one such use wrapping paper. People with creative bend of mind and those that like doing things on their own can change the interior with blue tissue paper or with any other colored paper.

Let’s discuss different uses of wrapping paper

Wrap gift boxes and packing

Take a colored paper of your choice and also arrange a scissors, glue, scale and pencil. Spread a paper on your work desk and put the box that you want to wrap on the paper. Mark size of the box on the paper for perfection. Cut the excess paper with scissors. Paste glue on paper and box and start pasting the paper on the box.

Similarly, you can pack any item with a paper. Chocolates, candies, biscuits, books, pens and other materials can easily be packed in paper. These items don’t need box packing as paper packing is much betterfor these items.

Paper packing can be decorated with ribbons, bows and other material. Also the small paper gift packs can be coupled with beautiful greeting cards.

Decorating gift bags

Filling gift bags with colorful papers is a great way to make the bags look full. Also the papers will give the bags a different look and theme. It is easy to place papers in bags. You only need making cones with papers and placing the cones with pointed part down in the bag. It is easy and you can use papers of different colors to make the gift bags look colorful. The receiver can take the papers out of the bag and use the papers for wrapping gifts and for making wall hangings.

Wall hangings 

Take a colorful paper and cover it in a frame. Similarly, you can make a couple of frames and decorate your walls with these colorful frames. Or you can try making an artwork by placing different papers in a large frame.

Upgrading shelves and drawers

Cut the paper in long strips and put the strips on corners of shelves and drawers. In this way, you can spruce up the old design furniture. Similarly, you can improve look of bar trays and service plates with the help of colored papers. It won’t take you much time in cleaning your furniture and trays.

Interior decoration

Tissue paper has an advantage that is it can be glued to any surface including concrete walls. Buy colored papers of your choice or those matching with your interior and paste the papers on the wall that you want to improve. In this way, you can easily hide ugly spots on the walls.


Wrapping paper has many uses from packing gifts to improving the interior. What is more exciting about green tissue paper is that it is easy to use. You can change interior of your home completely with the help a scissors, glue stick and colored paper of your choice. 

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