Let the scientist's debate about the effect of plastic on the eco-system and the plastic manufacturers burn the midnight oil in search for an eco-friendly plastic bag. Plastic can never work like paper. Made with harmful chemicals, plastic has no uses other than carrying products. But paper bags with handles can come in many uses in addition to carrying products conveniently.

Here’re some crazy uses of paper bags

Collect all the recyclable material of your home in the bag and send the bag for recycling when it is full. When you have a bag to store recyclable material, you won’t have to throw the material around the home. Also, you can wait for some time before throwing the bag into dustbin from where it will be taken to a recycling unit.
  1. Remove handles of a paper bag to use it as a gift wrap. You can easily cut the bag from corners and open it to its length and breadth. Use an iron to remove the wrinkles from the paper and then use it as a wrapping paper. If needed, you can even write messages and also make smileys on the paper wrap.

  2. Paper bags can also be used for making gift tags. You only need cutting the paper in the form of tags and make designs over the tags. Do you think that plastic could be used for making gift tags?

Some people would say that plastic can also be used for packing gifts but the paper has more advantages over plastic.

  1. It is easier to convert a portion of land into a garden with the help of paper bags. Cut the bags to open the paper and set the paper on the land you want to convert into the garden. Finally, add compost to the flattened paper.
  2. Collect green waste from the kitchen into a paper bag and throw the waste into the compost. Also, mix the bag into the compost.

  3. Shred a bag and create packing material for fragile items. Glassware and artificial jewellery need to be kept safe. While glassware needs protection against physical damage, artificial jewellery needs to be kept away from moisture. Shredded paper makes a great packing material for glassware and jewellery.

  4. Make user-friendly table cloths with paper bags lying unused in your home. You simply need opening the bags and spreading the paper over the table. Or you can cut the paper into small sizes to be used under cups and plates.

  5. Handled bags can be used as a tote for a long time. These bags are great for many things like party lunch, gym clothes and extra shoes. Also, you can make a handheld emergency kit with a handled paper bag. Similarly, you can think of more uses for these bags.
You should buy paper bags to save the environment and also to get maximum return on your investment. Search paper carriers on the web to find the bags matching with your needs. Availability of a wide range of bags will make you surprised. Designed by experienced manufacturers, paper bags are much better than their plastic counterparts.

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