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There are bags everywhere but the good thing is that there are more brown kraft paper bags than plastic carriers. Demand for paper carriers has increased and it is expected to remain high in coming years. But there would be no loss to woods and wildlife surviving in jungles.

Paper is renewable hence can be used again and again. It moves from manufacturing unit to home and from home to garbage dump from where it goes to a recycling unit where it is used as raw material for making new bags.

The maximum demand for paper carriers come from supermarkets, retail units and small shops that consume millions of bags annually. They need both large and small paper bags for packing goods. Commercial bags arecustomized with names and contact details of stores but they are largely simple in design. The focus of commercial carriers is more on the convenience of buyers.

Individual users like the fashion conscious females and working executives are also attracted to paper carriers. The credit for making these bags popular in fashion circle goes to the manufacturers that are working hard to produce the carriers that are beautiful in look; convenient in design and firm in use.

While paper packing is considered more suitable for commercial use due to its cost effective price and printability, individual users have different reasons for buying kraft paper bags. Women choose these handbags for their design and style and men choose these carriers for their versatility.

Here’re some of the reasons for individuals using these carriers


Paper is printable; it accepts colors and forthis reason it is easier to create more designs on this material than plastic. Also, the design can be improved with stickers and making art with pencil colors. It can be personalized with name and signature.


Small paper bags have many uses at home. They are good for keeping sensitive clothes like woolen and silk safe from external elements. They are also good for collecting clutter. Fruits and food items like cheese should be packed in paper before they are kept in the fridge.


Fashion conscious women want to change their handbags with season. They change their carriers with their mood and choose their bags according to occasion and celebrations. It provides fashion conscious women an opportunity to change their handbags without worrying about price. You can buy a paper carrier for every dress.

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