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Cotton Tote Bags

Totes are everywhere. They’re a staple for students and lunch carrying executives. But people hardly buy totes as they get these bags with magazine subscriptions, sign-up bonuses and gifts at events and from supermarkets as shopping bags. When you see someone carrying a black canvas tote bag, you want to know from where did the person got the carrier as you know that it is a gift.

Let’s See Why Totes Suddenly Became so Popular

1# People Want to Carry More

Students need to carry as many books as they can. Also, they carry their laptops and tablets in bags. Moms need big carriers to keep baby clothes, diapers and other essentials. Executives use bags for keeping their office necessities and lunch boxes. And it is only a tote that can accommodate many objects in a hassle-free manner.

2# Big Things Are Always Eye-catchy

Take care of your fashion accessories as people are watching your style and choice. A clutch is too small to come into notice of others but it is difficult to avoid cotton tote bags from coming into sight. When you carry a large stylish bag, you become noticeable. You are noticed not because of bags but your needs. Your bag shows your needs are bigger than that of others.

3# Totes Match Well with Dresses

Fashion bags come in attractive designs but it is only a tote that can be called universal. It is a fully functional stylish handbag that can meet your fashion as well as carrying needs. It will complete your dress in addition to providing you big compartment space for keeping essentials. Simply put,you don’t have to worry about matching when carrying a tote.

4# Tote Improves Carrying Power

You are going out with friends and you believe that you will visit a mall or marketplace for shopping and eating. If you have a large bag, you can keep all shopping in the handbag instead of carrying many small packets in fingers. Plain cotton tote bags are simply great for surprise market trips with friends and relatives.

5# Totes Are Marketing Products

The credit for making totes popular goes to companies that use bags for branding and promotion. These bags look beautiful and businesses know how to take advantage of these beautiful bags. They use the bags to promote their brand names and logos. People use totes because there are more totes than other bags.

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