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Which handbag would you carry this St. Patrick’s Day? It would be of green color and it could be a plastic carrier. You are free to choose your handbag but it would be better, if you could avoid using plastic. And there is a green reason for avoiding plastic. It doesn’t support greenery; it is suffocating the green cover. You should choose paper bags with handles.

If you think that:

Paper bag is too fragile to hold bulky items

You are wrong. This carrier can easily bear 20 kg weight and even more. The paper used for making handbags is thicker than plastic. Also, bags are made of single sheets that further improve weight bearing capacity of handbags. You can easily pack your bag for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and have a great time with your family and friends.

Paper can’t withstand moisture

It is true that paper is unable to hold moisture for a long time but the material used for making carriers is different from the paper you use at home. Carriers are made only with high quality raw material that is laboratory tested for quality and functionality. Brown paper bags with handles can withstand moisture without showing any sign of exhaustion.

Paper handbag could be cumbersome to wear

The reality is just opposite of your thought. This carrier is quite convenient to use as it responds to human actions. For instance, you can fold a large bag for carrying. Paper gives a bag a definite shape and size. And the shape is never distorted even when the carrier is folded.

Paper handbag won’t be stylish

Gone are the days when the objective of paper bags was only to carry and pack goods. Today, these carriers are made for fashion and style. And they come in attractive colors including green that is the color of St. Patrick’s Day. One more thing is that you can easily decorate your handbag for celebration dress. Available in beautiful designs and in attractive price, these carriers are just perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Paper bags have nothing to do with green

If you think that green is just a color then you are underestimating the power of this color. It represents greenery; it is a synonym for green cover and it stands for cleanliness. Paper bags wholesale can meet the handbags related need of St. Patrick’s Day enthusiasts.You can leave your carriers in celebration without any worries as they would be recycled and made new again.


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