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If you are packing welcome gifts for wedding guests and want to present the gifts in a different way then consider packing the presents in paper bags. You can order wholesale gift bags uk from a leading manufacturer and ask for customized products like carriers with names of bride and groom.

Here’re some reasons for using paper packing for presents

1# Suitability

You would want the gift item to match with packing. First thing is color and second thing is size. Color and size of the carrier should match with that of the present. For instance, you can order cylindrical bags in golden color for packing bottles of wine.

2# Convenience

It is convenient to pack presents in paper packing than in plastic bags. Paper carriers are more accommodative than any other packing. These bags can accommodate presents in a hassle free manner. You only need putting the presents in white paper gift bags and give the bags to guests.

3# Ease of carrying

Paper carriers with handles are quite easy-to-carry. The bags can be held from handles. Guests can pick the carriers with handles and carry the presents to their rooms. If you give the presents without bags, the guests will have to take stress to carry the presents to their rooms.

4# Affordable

Paper gift bags with handles would save you money. A bag is a complete pack with which you won’t need anything. You can simply pack the gifts in bags. There is no need to cover the items with colored paper or any other decorative material, when you are packing presents in paper packing with handles.

5# Time saving

Gift packing is a time consuming job. The presents are wrapped in color tissue papers; it is decorated with stickers and other materials. But there is no hassle in packing presents in bags. It is time saving.

6# More space

Paper carriers have more space to accommodate more things. Guests can easily keep their personal belongings with gifts. It is an added advantage of paper packing. You can keep more items like water bottle,tissue papers and pain relieve medicines in the bags.

7# More uses   

Guests can use the white paper gift bags for shopping and keeping their personal belongings at home. Also, the attractive paper carriers can be used as fashion handbags. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that a paper bag is a gift in itself.    

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