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Whether you are going shopping or packing party essentials to spend a day in outdoors, you will prefer carrying a tote bag instead of a backpack. It is a bag of large size with long handles that make it convenient to carry even off-size and bulky items. This bag is recognized by three features – size, handles and material. The material is also a factor and today it is considered as the biggest factor. Plastic could be good looking due to its shine but it has limited uses. It is a paper that is the best material for making a convenient handbag. 

Advantages of paper over others: 

1. Strength 

Plastic is too flexible to be called strong. It stretches on coming into contact with bulky objects. Also, it can’t withstand high temperature in which it becomes too soft to be used as a carrier. In contrast, the paper is made stronger for use as a carrier. The strength of a paper is calculated in gram per square meter and strongest paper sheet comes in 20 gram per square meter strength. A sheet of 20gsm can make a sturdy carrier for shopping and also for carrying personal belongings. 

2. Reusable 

Plastic is reusable but its uses are limited to one or two times. Since plastic stretches, it becomes out of shape even after first use. But paper can be used multiple times. A sturdy paper bag with long handles can become your trustworthy companion just like a tote that will take care of your shopping as well as personal belongings.

3. Gift pack 

Packing gifts in plastic bags isn’t a good idea because plastic can never become a good bag to give gifts. The first drawback of plastic is that it can’t hide anything. Its contents are visible from outside of the most plastics. Also, it looks cheap. Paper bag is the best gift bag as it can hold everything in its belly. From outside, it will look like a bag but inside, there will be many pleasant surprises for gift receivers.

4. Safety 

Plastic carrier can’t prevent its contents from physical damage in case of accidental collision with a hard or rough surface. But there is no such fear of apprehension with a paper bag that makes a protective covering around its contents. It works like a shock absorber for its contents in case the bag comes into contact with the hard surface. 

5. Customization 

Could you customize a plastic bag? You have to be satisfied with whatever design and colour the plastic carrier has. But paper provides an opportunity to be creative in customization. For instance, you can easily write messages on paper and also you can create artwork with decorative material on paper gift bags. If you are running a business then you can take advantage of customized paper bags. These bags can be used for branding and promotion of your business. 

6. Availability in different sizes 

A large plastic bag will be very inconvenient in handling as it doesn’t support the user. But large tote bags made up of canvas or paper are quite supportive. It is for this reason that plastic carriers come in limited sizes but paper gift bags come in a wide range of sizes to suit every need and pocket. 

So, always prefer a paper bag instead of picking up a plastic one.

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