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One part of our worry to carry things from our shopping trip is taken care of by the brown paper bags that most of the department stores and malls provide these days. Depending on the amount of shopping and the size of our articles, we get small or large brown paper bags at a small charge. It may seem like a small over the head, but after you read this, you will realise why it is justified.

What we will see below is a quick overview of how these bags are made and why they are helping us in the long run to conserve the environment.

  • These bags as the name suggests are made from paper – quite often recycled and processed paper. This has taken off a huge burden from the waste management of paper as a large portion of the waste paper can now go into making this recyclable paper bag.
  • As this bag itself is food grade and is recyclable, once again the paper can be recycled and used in making these bags. It is a good recycling example.
  • The sizes of these bags are fixed so the machines used to make them are standard and do not need any extra expenses or specially manufactured parts or cutting moulds etc.
  • The costs involved in setting up a paper bag making factory can be worked out is possible at a decent budget of a few hundred thousand GBP to be able to set up and begin regular operations.
  • The raw material or recycled paper is cut and churned and processed to remove all impurities. This forms slurry or a pulp type texture which is then laid out in the form of cylindrical reams. Based on the size and the design, the gears in the machine cut the bag and the seal it at one end to make a carry able paper bag.
  • If there is any specific logo or information to be printed, that can happen once the bag is ready and dried.
  • Though it may look simple, the manufacturing process is critical to maintaining the quality and texture as well as the thickness of the bag.

Another industry that will have a huge requirement for these bags is the food and beverages industry.

As long as there are human beings on this planet, they will need to eat to sustain and grow. Point being, the Food and Beverages industry is a perennial and always in demand industry. The brown paper lunch bags find great use in the packaging of the food items.

Since these bags are made from food grade paper – again recycled, it makes more sense to use them for all the takeaway food orders in restaurants and food outlets. They are also good to pack up and carry lunch in offices.

In summary, if we look at the very basic cost we pay to take a paper bag, the process that goes behind making the bag is interesting and it offers an environment friendly option that has to potential to make our planet greener and healthier for the generations to come.

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