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We all know the adverse impacts of plastic bags on the environment. For some-time I was pleased with myself for using paper bags and contributing towards making our planet better. But later through my research, I realised that canvas bags were even better than the paper bags.

I was surprised to know that canvas bags made from cotton plant are durable, long lasting and can be used for different purposes. They can be used multiple times and there is no risk of it getting teared or soaked like the paper bags. I decided to browse the local market to check out its plausibility.    

As I made my way through the aisles, I noticed that there were several types of canvas shopping bags. They were a pretty sight with colourful designs and messages. The tote were a delight too. Some were very feminine meant to woo young girls and women. Some were clearly for the fashion conscious, while the plain canvas tote bags were for the males, designed to give them a completely corporate look.

Just as I was planning on purchasing a few, somebody told me that canvas too had its dark side. A lot of pesticides and water is required for its production. Canvas bags can also lead to food poisoning due to the growth of yeast and bacteria at the bottom.

This made me a tad sad but it gave me a practical perspective. I think we can limit its negative quotient by not indulging in any canvas tote bags bulk purchases. Also we can keep our bags from getting contaminated by washing it thoroughly after every use. I do not know how many will agree with me.

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