White Standard Tissue Papers

A White Standard Tissue Papers is one of the most widely used commodities that have been used in kitchen and to maintain personal hygiene. But the use of this thin, lightweight paper is not just restricted to kitchen and toilet, but it’s also been used for wrapping various gift items, and it can be used to craft project for kids. Many personalised gift items like trees, flowers, pumpkins etc. can be made with the use of a tissue paper.
There are various types of White Standard Tissue Papers that have been gaining a huge popularity all around the world like

  • Facial Tissue Paper
  • Wrapping Tissue Paper
  • Table Napkins

Of all types, white standard tissue papers or white acid free tissue papers are the ones that have been used the most as a common household item. We cannot imagine our lives without a tissue paper because of the reason that we have got so used to this paper needing the same in our daily lives. A White Standard Tissue Papers is also known by the name of a tissue due to its light weight, and is normally sold in sheets which measure around 500mm*750mm, 450mm*700mm, or 375mm*500mm. A tissue paper can be found in various colours and one can buy coloured papers as per the need, but white tissue papers are the standard ones that are widely used.

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